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Healthy environment

We may not consider birds as pests because of a misplaced notion that birds form an important cog in our ecosystem and we consider an abundance of birds around us as a healthy environment. It may not be the case when certain species of birds are invasive, disrupt the ecosystem, destroy the habitat of other species, compete for dwindling food resources and be a nuisance to us and other species as well.

Nature’s way of controlling any invasive species is the evolution of natural predators. Every type of species would have a predator of its own which would control the proliferation of that particular species. This is true for birds too. To prevent birds in the wild being invasive, nature would have introduced a predator to control it, but alas this does not happen so all the time.

To control animals that have become invasive including birds we have from time to time introduced predators to check their advance, the practice has succeeded in some instances but has boomeranged elsewhere with the introduced species becoming invasive and now they have become a threat to us and other native species.

We are responsible for this biodiversity disaster, especially by changing natural habitats of animals and birds due to the need to bring more land under the plough. Our need for more agricultural land has destroyed the natural habitats of other fauna and flora and they have now invaded our habitat, and we then turn round and call them pests.


Safety is our primary concern

Ordering and setting up a jumping castle hire Melbourne in your backyard for a day of fun for adults and kids alike, when you plan to have a party and thinking of adding a bit of unlimited fun to the day’s proceedings would be a great way to keep everyone in a party mood.

We take extra care and ensure that all required statutory safety measures are adhered to whilst setting up the jumping castle hire in your premises.

We would not compromise on any safety measures that are required to be carried out and are legislated necessary to ensure a safe environment around the jumping castle hire.

One of our responsible representatives would be stationed near the bouncy castle hire Melbourne to ensure total compliance to all the required safety measures.

With children around in a frenzy of happy entertainment we would not like to spoil their mood and fun, but would watch the day’s proceedings with careful eyes to ensure that no untoward incident occurs.

We have been in this business for years and maintain a very good safety record, as we put safety before anything else and take our responsibilities seriously.